Designing An E-Commerce Website: How To Draw Users

Designing An E-Commerce Website: How To Draw Users

We previously covered the fundamentals of designing an e-commerce website and its aesthetic appeal in the two articles that came before. The greatest option for an e-commerce site is one with a straightforward, uncluttered appearance that allows users to find their way around and make purchases with ease.

Designing An E-Commerce Website

Let’s now discuss how to draw visitors to your e-commerce site. If a design isn’t appealing to anybody, it serves no purpose, right? Any aspect of your website, from a straightforward image of a product to the positioning of a call to action button, might affect a visitor’s choice to make a purchase from you.

Here are some e-commerce design tips to attract customers and boost your sales:

Get more than just a beautiful design

Yes, your website must be visually appealing, but you also need to consider how your web design might increase sales and draw in more visitors. A decent design should be simple to use and won’t deter customers from purchasing your products. Your website’s pages must each have a distinct function. Naturally, you’ll need a visually appealing site to stand out from all of your rivals, but bear in mind that shouldn’t be your main objective. The first guideline you must follow for your e-commerce site is simplicity. No matter the type of device a visitor uses to view your website, make sure it is simple for them to shop.

Using only high-quality image for your products

A high-quality product image may persuade consumers to share your product photographs on social media in addition to helping you attract clients and boost sales. There is nothing wrong with spending some money to hire a pro photographer (or you can do it yourself if you have a skill for that). Don’t forget to showcase your top offerings to customers.

Here are some pointers you may use for your product images:

  • Utilize the zoom function. Even though this point may seem clear, there are certain websites that haven’t yet made advantage of this capability.
  • Customers want to be able to properly examine the merchandise while purchasing items like clothing or shoes (because they are unable to touch it, so they can only depend on the picture). Show them the specifics of your items.

Make a design that reflects your product

Just by looking at your website’s layout, visitors should be able to infer the kind of things you sell. A neutral design may be your greatest option if you sell a wide range of goods. If you offer plants and flowers, you can go with a natural theme and gentle hues.

Design may also be used in accordance with the worth of your goods. For instance, if you sell inexpensive goods, simplicity and usability in design will be your best bet. If you offer opulent goods, your design must reflect that opulence and grace.

Interesting content

One crucial component of the designing an e-commerce website is the content. Why is content so important, then? Content is a marketing tactic you can use on an e-commerce website to promote sales. Customers will return as long as you do it correctly. We are all aware that purchasing online is considerably different from shopping in brick and mortar stores. Customers cannot personally touch or inspect the goods before making a purchase. To determine if a product is of excellent quality or not, they must solely rely on the photographs, videos, descriptions, and reviews of the item in question.

Plan your navigation properly

Your navigation system should act as a map for your visitors so they may go about your site as they choose and locate anything they are looking for. Using a well-organized folder structure, often comparable to your categories and subcategories folders, is the simplest approach to arrange a store’s navigation. Learn the distinctions between category and attribute. People frequently confuse them. The rule is really fairly straightforward. Turn it into your category if you believe it should rank well (in terms of SEO) and feature on your landing page. If not, it would be a better trait to have.

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